Introduction of the School Library

Our library is as old as our school: it started its operation in 1989. Entering the school we can find it in the central area on the first floor right above the main entrance to the building. The library with a size of 192 m2 includes 28 000 documents, which are placed on open shelves.

All the students and employees may become the member of the library during the time of their legal relation to school. There is no registration fee. Upon registration the library-member is obliged to comply with the rules of the library.

During the school year the ninth- and tenth-form students have special classes on using the library. It is the librarian who – hand in hand with the teaching staff – organizes their programmes laid down in syllabus. The basic task of these classes is to encourage the students to use reference library, to borrow books, to read periodicals, to browse on the computers and acquire skills of using information resources and catalogues. These classes also give opportunity to practice different learning techniques and methods in the form of self-development trainings.

Owing to the special task of the library, pieces of obligatory literature can be found on separate shelves taken out from other literary works.

The collection contains numerous textbooks, course-books, which are arranged according to the subjects so that we could easily serve our users’ demands for learning and teaching.

The two types of our dual-language classes – French-Hungarian and Spanish-Hungarian - also mean special tasks to the library. The expansion and updating of the collection of dictionaries, textbooks and foreign language books are essential.

When the two dual-language classes have started their operation, the Institute of French culture, Budapest and the Spanish Embassy, Budapest have largely contributed to the foundation and the enlargement of the library stocks in French and Spanish languages. The course-books, reference books, pieces of literature received as presents support the teachers’ work and the students’ effective language learning.

Besides the printed documents, the collection of digitalized materials assisting teaching and learning (CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs) is gradually growing.

The “European Corner” established in 2000, provides the library users with constantly updated information about the European Union.

Nowadays students study in a modern way, they participate in projects and in group work. To meet the requirements, we have furnished the library with desks and chairs to accommodate 40 persons. Group work places are increasingly popular among teachers and students.

The library is equipped with modern technical devices. 5 computers with Internet access are available to our students.

The library is trying to keep pace with the alternative teaching methods and the modern learning techniques. Thanks to the awarded project TÁMOP-3.2.4 we have been given significant contribution to our service developments in order to meet the requirements of our era. In the framework of the above mentioned project we have cooperated with University of Pannonia, Library and Archive and László Lovassy Secondary Grammar School for the sake of development of our services. We have started to digitalize the library operations. In the framework of the cooperation the two secondary schools have joined the Aleph integrated library system of the University of Pannonia and our stock is catalogued in the University Aleph system on the library server. The electronic catalogue assists the library users’ orientation in the collection.

We – together with our partners – have informed our users about the renewed and updated services in the forms of exhibitions, workshops and presentations.

The awarded project has contributed to the expansion of our open-shelves system in order to find the book at issue easily. We have put up new stands to display periodicals. At the entrance to the library we have furnished the corridor with glass-fronted cabinets so that the new books could be exposed and popularized.

With the support of a “TÁMOP Tudásdepo Expressz” project, entitled “More than a library” we continued to digitalize our stocks.

In the framework of the project we have signed the cooperation agreement with H. Botev Primary School, Veszprém and Simonyi Primary School, Veszprém. According to the agreement the two primary schools have also joined the Aleph integrated library system and their stocks have been digitally catalogued. In the process of the cooperation we have organized educational trainings and competitions, to have services known among the users, and different programmes, inviting contemporary writers, poets, making reading popular among the students.

We have converted a 30 m2 roofed balcony of the library into a reading grove. The balcony with wooden pieces of furniture offers an excellent opportunity of having workshops or classes with 12-15 students. The conservatory is a charming place in the fresh air, which provides a marvellous area for group work while our library services are also available.

The constantly changing educational environment requires new circumstances meeting the requirements and challenges of our era. The development of the library serves its key purpose: dissemination of knowledge.


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